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Transformation Journey

Transformation Academy is a 12-week Personal Development program designed to help individuals TRANSFORM their lives, set and achieve goals, while providing practical tools to help them heal from their PAST move into their PRESENT and prepare for their FUTURE.

Each week participants will be immersed in a specific topic that will allow them to work in the following areas:

Understanding the root and the behaviors that surround a particular action

Tools to work through the process

Incorporating new process into everyday living, creating a new lifestyle

  1. The Journey Checkup (The Assessment)
  2. Herstory (The Evaluation)
  3. Woman of Character- It’s an Inside Job (Introspection)
  4. A Healthy Me (Stamina)
  5. Financial Fit-Get your money RIGHT (Preparation)
  6. The Release- Deal so you can Heal (The Journey)
  7. Purpose, Visions, and Goals (The Purpose)
  8. The Transformation-She Believed she could- So SHE did! (The Destination)

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