Love that Endures

Theresa Ellis-Wiggins

You never know what you can endure until you go through it.  As a mother of 10 children, Theresa has gone through many trials in her life.  How do you bounce back after the loss of 2 of your children? Ask Mrs. Ellis-Wiggins she is known as the “Pillow of Love” for her family and her community.  She knows what it means to be resilient and still not lose her joy.

Theresa does an annual event where she helps people get through the hard times.  For more information click here for the 4th Annual “Let’s Heal Together” event.

A Life Recycled

Journey to Discovery

Niki Harris-Part 2

Who we become in the process of living is what begins to define us at different intervals of life.  We will discover that at different stages what was required and necessary for one part of the journey no longer sustains us for the next. Niki’s pilgrimage to Israel proved to be just that.  This journey truly showed her, who she is BECOMING.

A Life Recycled Podcast

It’s Still Unfolding

Niki Harris

Having the desire for wisdom and understanding will take you on a journey to discovery.  Discovery of what? Well, that is the unfolding… Listen to Niki’s story of what I like to call her pre-Israel pilgrimage and then be sure to listen to part 2 of our interview after she returned from Israel.

A Life Recycled Podcast

Called and Qualified

Latrice Smith

Healing in front of the world is not for everyone.  Some of us choose to heal and do our work behind closed doors.  Not Latrice, she wants you to watch her change and grow right before your eyes.  Listen to her story of how she learned she was qualified because she has been called, and not by man’s standard.

To follow Latrice on FB click this link for her page Latrice FB Page

To purchase a copy of Latrice book “Define your Path”  Click here

A Life Recycled Podcast

Preserved for a Purpose

Brooke Jones

Talk about not looking like what you’ve been through; I guess that’s what happens when God Preserves you.  When God saves you, you are being saved for a greater purpose. When we see people we have no idea where they come from or what they’ve been through.  Listen to the encouraging story of Brooke Jones as she attests to how God has transformed her life.

A Life Recycled Podcast

Trials Come To Make You STRONG

Simeko Hartley

Life will definitely show you who you are. We all go through things in life; it’s what we do with them that is the true testament of our character.  If your name is Simeko, and according to the meaning of it, you will definitely be REFINED and you will see how trials only come to make you stronger.  Listen to my conversation with Simeko and allow your soul to be encouraged.

A Life Recycled Podcast

Strong Faith

Melissa Melbourne

There is no way you can come from the bottom up without having STRONG FAITH.  Melissa Melbourne will not disappoint, she has come up with a sure-fire formula for just H.O.W. to do it.  Listen to my conversation with Melissa and she will tell you H.O.W. you can do it too.

For more information on Melissa visit her at www.melissamelbourne.com or follow her on instagram @msmelissaspeaks

A Life Recycle Podcast

According to HIS Plan

Hope Smith

When your name is Hope, that has to be prophetic and you learn to accept God’s will for your life, you truly can live according to His plan.  There are moments in life when you realize you were born for this and your life is bigger than you know. Listen to Hope Smith as she has adopted #accordingtohisplan mantra for her life.

A Life Recycled Podcast

Fear Don’t Live Here NO More

Ikia Reynolds

Fear is always present, it is always looming.  It’s how we choose to deal with it that says if it stays or if we can push past it.  Ikia has a story of overcoming and being able to push past it. It doesn’t mean that she never deals with it again. Listen as she shares her story of hope and encouragement on how she was able to move past it and finally take a leap that she has always wanted to amidst dealing with a tragedy.

A Life Recycled Podcast

Living My Best Life

Tikesha James

How do you take domestic violence and turn it upside down and make it work for you?  Ask Tikesha James. If we believe that all things work together for good… Then Ms. James is a living testament to that, listen to her story as she walks us into the courtroom and back.

A Life Recycled Podcast