Meet the Host

Towanda McEachern is the host of  “A Life Recycled” Podcast where she talks to everyday women who are making strides in their life.  TRANSFORMATION is a journey and the journey is a process, it’s not about arrival.  Even if you feel like you are not where you want to be, Celebrate the fact that you are not where you use to be.  Celebrate milestones in your life.  Trust the process and Celebrate the JOURNEY.

A Life Recycled also known as ALR is designed to help women transform their lives.  On the podcast we share conversations on transformation, healing, hope and forgiveness.

Towanda is a Transformation Coach, Author and Speaker for more information visit

She BELIEVED She Could - So She DID!!

The Journey

An individual can SPARK a change that ignites a FIRE that can Transform and set the Nation ABLAZE!

That is how you Transform a Nation. The transformation journey is a journey that is sought after. You do not stumble upon it, it is intentional, winding, continual, and yet satisfying.  It leads you places you could have never imagined.  There are great sideline victories and milestones upon this lifetime that you will embark upon during the journey to Transformation. Be BRAVE and COURAGEOUS to chart a course that may lead you to your DESTINY!!


Breakthrough comes in many different forms.  You must begin the process and go on the journey. Your healing awaits you.


Forgiveness will transform your life. It is not always about the  other person, sometimes the person you need to forgive is yourself.


Faith is the hope we need to keep going in the face of adversity.  Trials will come but by faith we are OVER-COMERS.

Changing Lives 1 Woman at a Time

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